08 October 2008


Posts on this space are going to come a bit more frequently now. We have entered the third trimester and will be visiting the doctor every two weeks. We may not have pics (except of Kate's growing belly), but we will have funny and insightful commentary on the stretch run. Or something like that.

Today we went in for a diabetes glucose screening (we won't have the results until Monday), where they gave Kate some glucose (Fruit Punch-flavored!- Kate was worried about Orange, which she despises due to her allergy to all things citrus) then we had to sit around for an hour until they could take some blood. Luckily, we thought ahead and made an appointment with the doctor. It was the first time we've actually met with a doctor rather than a nurse practitioner. He asked how things were going (fine), and if we had any questions. Kate asked about a birth plan, which the doctor poo-pooed. Sweet! I was worried we'd have this elaborate plan that would inevitably be thrown out due to the baby's lack of knowledge of said plan. The doctor apparently knew this too, and talked about how you kinda got to go with the flow. How great is that? We obviously (subconsciously) picked the right doctor.

These visits are anti-climactic, but I'm glad we go. There are so many mothers who do not have the chance for pre-natal visits. I will refrain from any additional political commentary (you can visit my blog, Rambling Leaf, for that).

I find that the closer we come to having this baby, I do not have the anxiety that many fathers go through. Maybe it is because I'm older and am comfortable with what's going on. Maybe it's because I'm a total moron and have no idea what is coming. Regardless, I am ready.

I read to the baby (almost) every night. We started with John Hodgman's (of The Daily Show and Mac commercial fame) The Areas of My Expertice, which was hysterical and scary at the same time. Obsessed with werewolves and hobos, Hodgman is completely insane. Right now, we are reading An Arsonists Guide to Writer's Homes in New England on the recommendation of my Aunt Lanny, who owns a book store. You may wonder why we are subjecting our (unborn) child to this kind of material, and you would be correct to do so. We have a simple reason- THE BABY DOESN'T KNOW ENGLISH. All it hears is the dulcet (Kate would describe it as soporific) tone of Daddy's voice. Which is the point. Baby gets to hear Kate's voice all the time. Having baby recognize my voice when s/he decides to emerge from the womb is the goal. I don't know if we'll acheive that, but I do know this- After a few days of not reading, the baby went crazy for a little while when I started to read the other night. Boo-Yah!

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