22 October 2008


Went to the doctor today, and huzzah--no gestational diabetes for me and the little frog! They took my blood 4 times last Friday (and only one bruise to show for it--that lab tech was amazing, since normally I bruise when I get within a foot of a needle), and only one of the sugar counts was slightly elevated. The doctor said this means that I just need to watch my sugar intake (not difficult; I'm allergic to most everything sugary, anyway...at least, all the good stuff) and try to cut back on carbs like bread (ack!) and potatoes (NOOOOOO! NOT THE POTATOES!). He told me to eat lots of broccoli (yum) and red meat (cow is good).

I also LOVED this doctor because he seems to think that women should gain 35-40 pounds during their pregnancy, unlike the snarky nurse practioner who gave me a lecture last time because "we still have a long way to go and you don't want to gain too much too early." This DOCTOR thought that I was doing just fine (I've gained about 24 pounds, which is a bit much if you go with the nurse practioner's estimate, but right on target if I should gain about 35). I even explained to him that I thought I had gained a bit too much, but he just shook his head in a nice, grandfatherly way and told me that I looked GREAT, my face wasn't puffy at all, and I knew right then that I want him to be my doctor FOREVER. I would like to take him clothes-shopping, too.

Next week should be fun, too. Aaron and I are going to Riverside Hospital to take the Expectant Parents Tour on Tuesday, and on Wednesday, we are going to our first childbirth class. We get to bring pillows to that one, and I am a fan of any place that actively encourages you to bring pillows.

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Anonymous said...

Aa and Kate -
I'm glad to hear things are going so well, and especially that you are happy with your doctor - that should go a long way toward putting you at ease when it comes time for The Big Event. Stay healthy, and enjoy the nesting phase with chunky socks and good tunes for the baby.