13 October 2008

Glucose, Part II

Ugh. Well, the doctor's office called today and...I get to go back and do the actual glucose test on Friday. A three hour test (hopefully, you read that to the tune of the Gilligan's Island theme song, because I expect this test to be just as ominous). See...they want your blood sugar count, or whatever it is that they measure in the glucose screen, to be under 140, and they pronounce that all is well. If you're above 200, they go ahead and count you as having gestational diabetes. If you're anywhere between...they make you take the three hour test. My count was 162. The test is the same as the one hour screen, except that they draw your blood every hour after you drink the ridiculously sugary solution (like Pedialyte, but fruit-punch flavored).

Anyway, other important things worth documenting that happened this weekend:
1) We sold the Camry! We recently bought a RAV-4 in preparation for needing a vehicle that could transport our dog and our baby at the same time without the dog sitting in the baby's lap (because Nesta would try). Aaron put up the ad Saturday on cars.com and we got a phone call yesterday, and the guy came today loaded down with cash (where do you even get that much cash? ATMs don't let you get that much all at once! Do you get it from these mythical bank tellers I hear so much about?) It was a good car, still running great after 9 years. It was with me through college, marriage, and most of the pregnancy. But the RAV-4 is very shiny, so it is nice, too.

2) Our main sewage system backed up! Hooray! We got to meet a lovely young man from Roto-Rooter on Sunday.

3) I signed up for childbirth classes, an expectant parents' tour at the hospital, and a meet and greet with our new pediatrician! I also pre-registered at the hospital, so we are almost ready to have this baby (not to actually take care of the baby, since our nursery isn't done and we don't have much baby-stuff yet, but we could have the baby). That leads us to...

4) Our crib came! And it's put together! Our baby has somewhere to sleep! (except that we still don't have a mattress pad or sheets or a baby, but still--it's something). The crib came in a box that was as tall as our friend Ayinde (who helped put it together because he is a wonderful person and I fed him lunch, dinner, and chocolate chip cookies). It only took Aaron and Yin about an hour to put it together, and it's very sturdy, as well as quite attractive, if I do say so myself.

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Jujubee said...

Wow, fighting Nesta for the back seat and BOM for crib space. This baby is going to be one tough child.