18 February 2009

Eamon vs. Sleep

For most of his life, Eamon has tried his very best to take in all he can. He is generally a happy baby and cries only when there is a problem (dirty diaper, hungry, lonely). Unfortunately for us, he also decided that 1-5 am was a GREAT time to do much of his observation. Kate and I have tried numerous techniques to get him on a schedule, and it has finally paid off. Little Man has slept pretty well over the past week, usually from 8 or 9 pm to 6 am with one feeding around 2-3 am. This is good news for us, since Kate had to return to work on Tuesday, and we were worried that both of us would be walking zombies at work.

I don't know what this portends, but I do know that both Kate and I were pretty difficult babies, and Eamon is not. This may have something to do with Kate's lack of allergen consumption, or Karma is really cool. Does that mean that the next one will be challenging, or that Eamon will get more difficult as he gets older? Time will tell.

He is much more alert now, and gives a wide range of facial expressions. A couple of nights ago, he gave me the "people's eyebrow!" He isn't quite sure what to make of bath time, but he LOVES having his diaper changed. Every time, he flashes a smile. This is good news. I am glad my child will not be happy wallowing in his own mess.

We had our first non-adult visitor over the weekend, as our friends Beth and Jeff came over for dinner Saturday night with their 14 month old daughter Samantha. Things went well, but I think Sam was more interested in Nesta than Eamon. Another instance of the adage, "you can't compete against animals."

02 February 2009

No, Seriously, He Smiles

We present, as evidence of the smiling thing, this video. Ignore the fact that I sound like an idiot trying to get him to do it.

As further proof, he had just pooped and peed, had finished eating and wasn't sleepy. He wasn't gassy, either, just kind of lying there staring at things when I started talking to him and he started smiling back.