28 October 2009

Eamon vs Inertia

As a wise man once posited, a body in motion tends to stay in motion and a body at rest tends to stay at rest. Eamon is the former.

At this point in his life, Eamon is extremely curious. About everything. He generally sates his curiosity by putting the object he desires in his mouth, but flinging things behind him is also an option.

He will ALWAYS stop whatever he is doing to mug for the camera, however.

Eamon helping put Gladware away

Eamon helping with the recycling

Eamon helping with Nesta's food

Eamon making a phone call

You see, in Eamon's World, things do not belong where they were, nor are things used as they are intended. The latter property was established early on. He always turned things upside down or used them backwards, starting when he could actually manipulate objects. This has become more pronounced as he has gotten older. For example, we got him this really cool bilingual drum that will play the alphabet when you bang on the top of it. Eamon prefers to bang on the bottom.

Eamon playing with his farm animals toy. Notice the direction the toy is facing.

When awake, he is in constant motion, and he has gotten the hang of navigating stairs. If he sees an open door, he heads for it. If he sees something shiny, he heads for it. If he sees a leaf on the ground, he heads for it. Get the picture?

Eamon helping with laundry

Eamon catching up on celebrity gossip

He has finally settled in to our new home. This makes his parents very happy. If only the dog adjusted so quickly.

23 October 2009

9 Month Checkup

(Or: A Man on the Move)

Ah, Eamon Wolfe.

9 months. (Except that he's almost 10 months old already...our doctor was sick last time so we had to reschedule the appointment that was actually closer to the 9 month mark).

My mother had to take him, because Aaron and I were working and used up most of our days off doing the closing/moving thing.

The doctor was running an hour late.

Eamon got bored.

Eamon doesn't like being bored.

He needs to be DOING things.

So the doctor's visit was a little interesting, according to my poor mother. Apparently, he spent most of his time shrieking (his happy shriek, because he was so excited to see all those other babies), trying to kiss the other babies, trying to crawl around the floor and eat everything, grabbing at the doctor's stethoscope, trying to roll off the table, and just generally being a really active boy.

So no one is too surprised that even though his height stayed in the 90th percentile (30 1/4 inches), his weight has plummeted down to the 50th percentile range (21 pounds 2 ounces).
I personally don't know how he keeps any calories.
I get tired just watching him.

But gee, he's a lot of fun, even if he never does stop moving.

08 October 2009

Slow Down Already

Hey, remember this little guy?

Haven't seen him around much lately.

Nowadays, we have this handsome devil living with us.

He's the kind of guy who would tell a joke if he could talk, but instead settles for fake sneezing or coughing to get you to laugh with him.

And he can crawl. Fast. And is into everything. EVERYTHING.

He even claps for himself when he does something he thinks is clap-worthy. Don't worry, he'll clap for you, too, when you do something clap-worthy, like, you know, entering a room. He learned to clap on the day that we moved, and also to high-five (which must always be followed by a clap).

And then sometimes he just sits there, looking entirely too old, considering he was only born about 9 months old.

So, anyway, we don't see this guy around anymore.

But then, this guy is pretty neat, too.

05 October 2009

Welcome Home, Eamon Wolfe

So, uh, we moved and stuff. And now every night is taken up with one of us taking care of Eamon and one of us continuing to move stuff out of our old house. That's when we're not both working late, or attending class, or going to district meetings.

So, yeah, things are busy. Posts might be pictures for awhile.

But the baby, he's still happy. And still very cute. So pictures posts, not the worst thing in the world.

And we will post pictures of the house, too. You know, someday. When we have some spare time. I'm thinking maybe this summer?