10 September 2008

Whoa Baby

We had another ultrasound today, courtesy of the partial previa they found last time (when the placenta is slightly blocking the baby's exit from the cervix). They don't freak out about this too much in the doctor's office, though they put you on something called "placental rest" which I am not going to describe here. They said that in 80% of the cases, the uterus just grows around the placenta so that it's not a problem anymore.

So, I am one of the 80%, and everything is fine now...in that department.

The other fascinating thing, however, is that our child.Is.Huge. At today's ultrasound, the baby measured in the 94th percentile for size. That is, um, big. In fact, it is bigger than 93% of the other babies out there.

Does this worry me? Perhaps a little. See, I am a tall girl, and rather large on the toppish portion, but my hips have always been small. Not very big at all. No one ever looked at me and exclaimed what great birthing hips I have. Now, I know that just because you have big hips doesn't necessarily correlate with how easy it is to push out babies, but certainly it must help at least a little.

This doesn't mean automatic c-section, though it certainly doesn't decrease the odds of one happening. Who knows? Maybe my hips will separate more before D-Day (it still freaks me out a little to know that your bones start migrating around your body when you're pregnant), or maybe my kid's head will be very maleable and I'll give birth "the old fashioned way" to an adorable little cone-head.

In other news, the baby has turned so that the head is now in the downward "ready" position. The head is very far down. Perhaps the baby is practicing? Trying to mould the little head for an easy escape route? We can only hope. Combined with the 94th percentile thing, it does mean that yes--the kid is still firmly on my bladder, which has made things really interesting now that school has started and I only get breaks every 2 1/2 hours. Ah well. Only 3 1/2 more months to go...

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