10 June 2009

Eamon vs No Mommy

For the first time in his life, Eamon was left with his Dad. Alone. For 2 days.

While his mother went gallivanting in New York, the Wolfe boys (and Nesta) stayed in SE Virginia. Not as glamorous, I know, but little man has no clue. He was happy as a clam to spend time with Daddy.

Nothing really remarkable happened, which is a blessing in and of itself. One of the revelations of the weekend was this- Eamon is completely and totally in love with the dog. He'll crane his neck around to see her when he hears her jingle, and will sit completely entranced to watch her every move. He sat outside in his chair for 20 minutes staring at her playing fetch, and seemed disappointed when Nesta had to stop and get some water. He reaches out for her all the time and gives her big smiles that rival the ones he gives anyone. Recently, he has started to kiss her back which is sweet, amusing and disturbing at the same time.

Nesta has been wary of him for the most part- I think she saw him initially as an interloper who took all the attention away from her. Now that he is a little more interactive, she has warmed to him- but not too much. I am still HER daddy, and will vie for my attention at all costs. She will protect him to a point- that point being my attention.

Meanwhile, little man was an absolute angel for me. He went to bed without too much of a fuss, we napped together multiple times, and generally had a ball.
On Sunday, we took a trip to Colonial Williamsburg, where the dog was SUPER EXCITED and the boy was considerably less so. It was a bit of a challenge to manage a baby and a dog at the same time, especially since Nesta must smell everything and there are lots of great smells and so much to see and the horses and the people and the squirrels and the road apples. Eamon was much more chill: laid back in the stroller, taking in the sights.

When his Grandma and Grandpa came to pick him up Monday morning so Dad could go to work, he seemed genuinely surprised that he was going with them- "But, we had so much fun, and you're my dad, and it was good" was the look plastered over his face.

Even though we had a great time, Mommy was definitely missed, and we we all glad she came back safe and sound.

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