26 May 2009

Eamon vs Gravity

Eamon has spent the majority of his life on his back, as infants are wont to do. He has little interest in being on his tummy and, until recently, made no significant progress towards rolling over. He still shows no interest in rolling over, but sitting up is his new favorite thing. Why view the world from your back when you can see so much better from an upright position?
His progress in this endeavor has been steady. We started proping him up in the corner of the couch about three weeks ago, and I think it served as motivation. Over the last week or so, he worked with his grandma on moving from a tripod position. Wednesday, Eamon lifted one hand off the bed, then the other. Proud of his accomplishment, he let out an "oooo" with a huge smile on his face. He has now figured out that his hands can be used to balance himself, and he can shift his body to keep from falling over. That is, until he decides that having his foot in his mouth is a fun thing.

He is also trying very hard to create sounds like Mommy and Daddy, and seems frustrated at his inablity to do so. He has a couple of favorite noises, and thankfully went through the period of screeching just to hear what his vocal cords could produce rather quickly. He has also developed a full blown laugh, which makes spending time with him so much more amusing. I have a great time getting him all wound up. This game is not looked upon favorably by his mother, who can no doubt forsee the times when I get him all riled up just prior to bedtime. Smart woman.

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