22 June 2009

Fooled You!

So…last Tuesday, the magical event finally arrived: Eamon rolled over! All by himself! Twice! According to my mother, who witnessed the blessed event, Eamon was having his normal bout of “tummy time,” and in all his flailing, found himself miraculously on his back. Hooray! roared the crowd (my mother), much to the baby’s delight. My mother placed him back on his stomach, he flailed and woop, zoop, sloop—lightning struck twice.

But only twice. Since then, he has been placed on his stomach a multitude of times, with no repeat of our earlier success. It’s like he did it, crossed it off the milestone checklist, and is done, thank you very much.

In fact, he almost seems to be having more success rolling from his back to his stomach now, which is ironic because he would never, ever do this on intentionally (tummy time is baaaaad). Eamon actually enjoys sleeping on his side, which is just a fraction of a turn to his stomach.

Oh well. It will happen in time, we keep telling ourselves (hopefully in time for our appointment with the doctor so that we can really cross it off the milestone list so that we don’t have to hear the “hmm” and get the cocked eyebrow. Not that our doctor does this, but still I fear it).

In other news, Eamon has decided that while he doesn’t see much point in rolling over, vocalizing is really fun. His favorite time to “talk” is in the car while we’re driving. He burbles and cooes and mumbles to himself for minutes on end. Sometimes the things he says sound eerily like words, though of course he doesn’t really understand any of it and never duplicates it. He babbles long strings of various syllables with lots of inflections—it almost sounds like he’s speaking another language that we just don’t understand. We’re not sure what he’s saying, but whatever it is, he’s really emphatic about it.

Another big development: Eamon has started “solids.” Well, rice cereal, anyway. It’s not that solid; in fact, it’s rather soupy, but he lurves it. We’ve waited this long on the solids because he seems to be allergic to so much, and we want to give his digestive system time to really mature. He has it about once a day (usually around lunch) and enjoys “helping” us by attempting to grab the spoon or push the cereal farther into his mouth with his hand.

Needless to say, this type of mealtime also requires a hearty clean-up time afterwards. Although, to be fair to Eamon, in this video I was using an ice-tea spoon because we couldn't find the baby spoons we had bought months ago (they were craftily hidden in plain view in a cupboard that I had only checked twice). Also, I was probably giving him too much food with each spoonful because it was my first time feeding an infant solids, and I had no idea what I was doing either.

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Susan said...

Looks like Mommy is going to have to speed up getting the spoonful of food to the mouth - however Eamon seemed to be pretty patient. We think he did a great job eating - even if he did munch on his fists as well.
Oma and Opa