03 December 2008

Weekly Visits

So, the turkey came out relatively well and no one died, or was even hospitalized, in my first foray into large-poultry, non-crockpot cooking. Ergo, Thanksgiving was considered a success! My parents are back from Florida, and stole some bags of turkey from our freezer for themselves (actually, we told them to do that--there's no way that we could eat a 15 pound turkey by ourselves even if we froze the leftovers for several months).

As the title of this post implies, we have begun our weekly visits to the doctor! This is not nearly as exciting as it seems, since nothing really happens at these visits, either. I went today by myself, since Aaron is already taking off about 4 hours this week to go on a field trip with my class to Yorktown (because he is there, nothing exciting will happen; if he wasn't going, you can bet that my water would break and my kids would get an in-depth lesson on the circle of life, or something).

What did the doctor say? Um...not a lot. The baby is still REALLY far down, in the "GO" position...but nothing else is happening. No effacement, no dialation...nothing to indicate that the little tyke is actually "GOING" anywhere. This is fine, since I am still only 36 weeks, and the baby won't be officially "done" for another week or so, anyway (the pep talks to get the heck out of my uterus will officially start when we hit 38 weeks).

On Monday, we'll have our last ultrasound to determine how large the little one is. At that time, I suppose they'll determine whether they want to let me wait until my due date (or beyond), or whether they'll decide to induce. If the baby is already big, there's a chance that they won't want me to go past my due date, since then I would be delivering a moose--at least, that's what I hope. Being pregnant has been...an experience...but I wouldn't mind being able to eat without getting ridiculous heartburn, being able to get out of bed without having to do a complicated roll-out, sleeping with fewer than 4 pillows. And oh, yeah, it would be really cool to meet our baby, too.

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