10 December 2008

The Thank You Post

Our house is ready. The nursery is done. All baby accoutrements are assembled and have been test-driven using a handy doll that I realize will be nothing like an actual squirming child (but Nesta wouldn't get in the stroller no matter how hard I tried to convince her that it would be fun and helpful). My lesson plans for school are...almost done (okay, I'm probably being way too thorough and anyone else would be done by now), and I intend them to be finished by the end of the week.

Soooooooo, baby...um...anytime, there, kiddo.

I am still pregnant which becomes increasingly more awkward by the day. There is nothing unusual about this, so I won't dwell on it too much. We have another doctor appointment today, and we will see what the pelvic exam reveals.
Mostly, though, I wanted to use this post to show pictures of our nursery. This nursery is to be credited to several people, none of whom is me. Here are the Academy Awards of the Little Wolfe Nursery:

Special thanks to Ethel McCormack (my mother) for braving Babies R Us and actually ordering the furniture, then being there when it was delivered. Thanks also for the (cough, cough) help in paying for it.
Special thanks to Aaron Wolfe (husband) and Ayinde Martin (well-mannered friend) for assembling the crib AT THE EXPENSE OF WATCHING FOOTBALL.

Special thanks to Julie Hurston (slightly insane, but thank God for it friend), who came down from Massachusetts for a weekend to, no joke, CLEAN OUT and ORGANIZE the nursery. Before she arrived, everything that we owned for the baby was not-so-strategically placed somewhere on the nursery floor, to the point where you couldn't even walk in there, let alone care for a baby. Why on earth someone would spend their weekend sorting through this, I have no idea, but she is wonderful and we love her.

Special thanks to Jim & Susan Wolfe (parents-in-law) for driving down from Delaware to decorate the nursery. They also deserve an especial thanks for putting up with the lack of artistic ability from my husband and me. They would say things like, "What would you like on this wall?" and we would respond, "Um...yellow?" Somehow, from our cryptic advice ("We think it should be something a baby would like") they came up with the beautiful designs and mural pictured.

Lastly, thanks to all the people who donated Things to Put on the Wall, such as Charmaine Hubbard and Joanna Sheehan. Otherwise, the nursery theme really would just be "Yellow."

Jim, Aaron, and Susan putting up the border

The Final Product

Pretty convertible crib that our child will be using until graduating from college

People Who Are Not Me Putting Together the Stroller

Nesta, who, like her mommy, contributed most by Staying Out of the Way

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