13 December 2008

Holding Pattern

This space should be updated more frequently soon...it appears that things are moving along. Kate had another appointment yesterday, and is now 2 cm dilated and 80% effaced. Contractions are different from the Braxton-Hicks ones she's been having for months now, but are irregular. So now back to the waiting...
At this point, I am really ready to meet the baby. There are so many questions: What is the baby's gender? What color eyes will s/he have? How much hair? What kind of personality will baby Wolfe have?

A couple of interesting stories: While Kate was waiting for the appointment, Christmas carols were playing in the doctor's office. Now, Kate LOVES Christmas and all the trappings; I, on the other hand, despise Christmas music with a passion. So while she was waiting, Kate decided that she too, hated Christmas music. It was like fingernails on a chalkboard. Does that mean that Kate carrying my DNA has affected her perception of those songs? Will the baby come to dislike Christmas music as well? Who knows.

The second is perhaps a bit more troubling. We were listening to music the other night, anf the Imperial March came on (you know- Darth Vader's entrance music). The baby went crazy- moving around, punching in time with the music and generally having a good old time. Does this mean my child is aligned with the Empire? Is my baby Darth Maul reincarnated? Or does it just mean that the baby is also a Star Wars fan? Who knows. I suppose I shall be a bit disappointed if my child turns out to be a Sith, but hey- what can you do? At least I can invest in a cool colored light saber!

Anyway, these are better quality pix of the nursery- and again thanks go out to all who helped put it together.


Joanna S said...

I say bring on the baby! Sith or no... its about time he/she show up and answer for his or her self!

Thinking about you guys... Be good... and drive safe when everything starts moving about for real.


Bethy said...

The nursery looks great! Of course, I'm partial to the moons and stars...what a wonderful place to bring the baby Wolfe home to!

Sorry to hear you lost your mucus plug. That sounds... well, icky.