13 August 2008

It's a....BABY!

Today we went to the doctor for our second ultrasound...the one in which they promise it will more like a baby and less like a frog! It was interesting because I had a bit of the tummy flu yesterday and hadn't ingested nutrients in several hours, nor slept much, so I was a bit woozy. Aaron nicely kept poking me awake in the waiting room, and luckily we had the first appointment so we didn't have to wait long (though they did tell us to arrive there 15 minutes early to fill out copious amounts of paperwork, of which it turned out there was none).

As soon as they called us back, Aaron announced that we were not to find out the sex of the baby. The ultrasound lady made us turn our heads at several points because apparently it was quite obvious, and I leave you to draw your own conclusions. I know what I think we're having, and I quite agree with Aaron's cousin Jason: only one of the two sexes would still be parked right on my bladder, using it as a sort of fetal beanbag. Please feel free to make wild guesses in the comments section (smart money will be on either a boy or a girl, though).

The nice ultrasound lady also showed us several bits of the baby, such as arms (2), legs (2), and face (1). Our child pushed its face up against the ultrasound and then commenced to eating its hands. Our baby is sporting a lovely round head, with a brain that appears to be working (though not yet advanced enough to realize that it should not lay on Mommy's vital organs). Usually the baby is a late riser, and I don't feel it moving until after about 1PM (already taking after Daddy), but today it knew that it was a Big Day and it was tumbling around quite happily before, after, and during the appointment. This is very tickly and makes me have to pee quite often.

Our child also has a spinal cord, so for those of you out there who had money on the invertebrate category--sorry.

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