20 July 2008

Little Rapid Heartbeat

We went to the doctor (well, technically we saw our nurse practitioner, who is also pregnant and due in Oct) on Thursday for a round of tests and routine 4 week check up. We got to listen to the baby's heartbeat (which was really cool), running about 140 bpm. Kate also figured out why she had to go to the bathroom so much- the baby was on her bladder! Most babies hide in corners of the uterus, but not our little one. Baby has hunkered down on Mommy's bladder, like a kind of bean bag. Must be comfy.

Kate also felt the baby for the first time tonight- the quickening, they call it (although I have my doubts- the Quickening is related to Highlander in some way, and refers to becoming immortal. Stupid doctors. What do they know about "science"? I'll stick to Christopher Lambert.)

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Candy said...

Good for people to know.