19 June 2008


So, Aaron and I discussed it last night, and decided that we needed a schedule for this blog. As there isn't much going on yet (unless you want me to document my strange feeding habits, or the fact that I've outgrown yet another pair of pants), we're only going to post after each visit to the doctor--which right now is about once a month. Hopefully, this will prevent people from checking and feeling disappointed when there's nothing new written. Our next appointment is mid-July (the 17th, I think). So, we'll let you know more about the frog then (oh wait, I'm supposed to be using "Biggie Smalls," not "the frog;" it's so hard to keep up with the nicknames).

1 comment:

Julie Ahern said...

I already have a "Biggie Smalls" in the family. My cousin Alex has been called that for years....I'm sorry, but I'm sticking with "the frog"