17 June 2008

Biggie Smalls

There will be a new addition to the Wolfe family around Christmas, 2008. Kate and I went to the 12 week check up today, and heard Biggie's heartbeat. We are so excited about the next 6 months- and for the decades beyond.
We have nicknamed the baby Biggie Smalls, or Jumbo, due to the fact that Kate is already showing- and has done for the past 3 weeks or so. Kate was convinced that we were having quadruplets, but there was just a single, rapid heartbeat this morning.


Kate said...

Actually, judging by the first ultrasound pic, I'm assuming that we're having a frog.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations!!! Reptile babies are ill, yo!

The Sumy Family said...

Congratulations, Aaron and Kate!! How exciting that the cousins will be so close in age!!
Best of luck with the pregnancy and everything to come!

Kate said...

Frog babies ARE ill...we're going to dig a hole in the backyard, fill it with water, and save a bundle on the nursery...not to mention diapers.

Olivia said...

This is Awesome!!! Congratulations Wolfe family! :)