16 April 2011

Case Closed (well, sort of)

The Bobbin continues to be an active presence in our lives.

We haven't even had the air conditioning on, so we haven't even been able to hear it; nevertheless, at least once a day, generally in the middle of a conversation, Eamon will suddenly perk up his ears.

"Ssss," he says, attempting to hush me.

"What is it?" I whisper back.

"Bobbin," he whispers. "Wisten."

And then we listen.

And there's no sound.

Regardless, Eamon then calls out, "Bobbin! Come out! Oh, hewo, Bobbin?" If he's feeling particularly sleuthsome, he then drags me over to the air conditioning vent (the one without the screws, thank goodness) and begs me to look inside.

So today, I finally opened the grate for him.

And folks, though we still have yet to see the Bobbin, I know what it is.

Oh yes.

Please note: No dinosaurs or "Bobbins" were hurt in the making of this film.

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