25 December 2010

Where Do They Learn This Stuff?

Today Eamon and I were trying to walk up the stairs. He was holding: 1) his stegosaurus; 2) his triceratops; 3) his apatosaurus; and 4) his lion. It was utterly ridiculous.

At one point, of course, he dropped the stegosaurus.

"Of course you dropped the stegosaurus," I told him loftily. "You are holding too much in your hands. It is dangerous to try to navigate stairs with that many things and you really should know better."

He pointed to the stegosaurus, which had fallen down a stair. "Help," he said, wanting me to pick it up for him.

Which of course I couldn't do because I had a laundry basket crooked under one arm and a large suitcase in my other hand.

(because I know that some of you are wondering):

He finally managed to get the stegosaurus while not letting go of the other three things and then finished climbing up the stairs.

Moral #1: Mommy is slightly hypocritical.
Moral #2: Never leave a man behind.

Discussion Questions
1. Are YOU ever hypocritical? No? Good for you. You would make an excellent parent and should have a whole mess of babies right this instant.

2. If you were a dinosaur, what kind of dinosaur would YOU be? I'm voting triceratops. An herbivore, so technically still one of the good guys, but with a head that even T-Rex teeth can't pierce (source: Oh Say Can You Say Dinosaur (Cat in the Hat's Learning Library) Boo-yah, T-Rex.

3. Why does Eamon keep handing me the Pledge dusting spray while I am trying to write this? What is he trying to say? Doesn't he know that in this house, writing almost nonsensical blogs is far more important than dusting? Actually, this is more of a rhetorical question and I would prefer no one to comment on it because I can already feel your rays of judgment leaking through space, time, and the internet.

4. Do YOU think I need to be getting more sleep? Use three specific references from this entry alone to justify your position.

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