22 December 2010

Define Intelligence

Hooray! Winter Break has started! And what better way to celebrate than to try out an IQ test on my dog, Nesta? Because...why not?

I looked up "Dog IQ test" online. That's right. I did research for this.

The first part involved hiding a piece of food under a cup to see how long it took Nesta to knock over the cup.

Easy enough. I showed Nesta the piece of food, made her sit, and then walked about a meter away (per the instructions, but I admit that I didn't actually measure it) and put the food under a plastic cup.

Nesta went right over to the cup. No tricking her there.

She nosed around it for about three seconds when Eamon, sensing trouble afoot, ran over screaming, "DOG! HELP!" He then launched himself at the cup, knocking it over and revealing the piece of food for the dog, who snapped it up.

He stood up, very proud of himself. He had Helped when someone was in Trouble.

The dog seemed proud of him, too.

So, I still don't know Nesta's official Doggy IQ, but I'll say this: she's got the boy well-trained.

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