23 October 2010


Eamon is strangely good at the barber's. For someone who cannot stand to sit still or wait patiently (let me tell you about our last trip to Busch Gardens when we looked like Those Parents with That Child), he politely climbs into the barber's chair and is surprisingly patient during the haircut. I've watched perfectly behaved five year olds in the waiting room turn into hellions during the haircut. But Eamon likes Ms. Alicia and therefore condescends to let her trim his hair as long as he can play with a comb.
On this last occasion, after having completely given up on ever getting his hair to part, I told my mom (they take him during the week because there are fewer people and therefore shorter waits) to just cut it short. In fact, I told her to get the same haircut that Aaron has because Eamon seems to have inherited his father's stubborn cowlicks (which combined with my coarse, ridiculously thick hair...ugh. Sorry, kiddo).

So, the haircut went off as planned, and Eamon came home with the same haircut as his father. It's a good haircut, but it definitely makes him look about 3 or 4, especially since he's so tall already. My favorite part of the haircut, though, was what happened when Eamon got home. Running around, he suddenly caught sight of himself in a mirror. He gasped, grabbed at his hair in shock, and shouted, "UH OH!"

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