14 October 2010

The First Rule of Fight Club

KATE: (when asked about Eamon's current resemblance to Tyler Durden) ...and then Eamon grabbed the hanging light and swung down the stairs, narrowly missing the sword-wielding Ninjas just in time to fend off an attack from the Somalian pirate with a roundhouse kick and then running out into the street to save the house from the stampede of bulls that were accidentally let loose when the train that was transporting them collided with the toxic waste truck...

AARON: ...and that's when he tripped on the curb and scraped his nose.

Bah. Reality is overrated. If anyone asks, kid, you saved this house, the town, that bus of Japanese orphan tourists, and probably even the entire world with your quick actions and valor. You have our eternal gratitude, and we hereby crown you King of Everything.

And that is le fact.

(BTW, what exactly is your father trying to cover up with this "curb" story, anyway?")

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