06 September 2010

The Tale of the Triumvirate

A long time ago, in the Kingdom of Crib, there lived a boy king named His Nibs. His Nibs was a kind and just ruler, and was loved greatly by all the denizens of crib both for his joyful laughter and his tendency to chew gently on their ears.

And His Nibs loved them back, loved each tremendously, though in time one emerged who was most truly loved, who most closely represented the heart of His Nibs--the great and mighty Lion (Rawr!)

Lion (Rawr!) had been through it all. When His Nibs had braved the Scapel of Doom and bore the Scar of the Tongue forever more, it was only because he had trusty Lion (Rawr!) by his side that His Nibs faltered not. Lion (Rawr!), though strong and fierce, was brave and loyal to the end.
Even mighty Lion (Rawr!), however, could not keep His Nibs warm on cold nights, and soon a new member appeared on the Council: Blanket (Bah!) Blanket was soft and drapable, and often worn by His Nibs as a cape of valour and justice. And the three lived happily as the rulers of their kingdom.

It soon became apparent, though, that Blanket (Bah!), while of gentle disposition, was not up for the adventures of His Nibs, who often became entangled when trying to carry the poor Blanket (Bah!). And so it was that sweet Blanket (Bah!) took a more background role, keeping the Kingdom of Crib warm when His Nibs and Lion (Rawr!) ventured out on their journeys.
With the withdrawl of Blanket (Bah!), his Nibs craved more company, and two worthy companions eventually emerged from the denizens. Red Elmo (Mo!) and Blue Cookie (Kee Kee!) proved their loyalty and their worth, and so was born the Triumvirate! His Nibs took them everywhere, and was rarely seen without them all.

They ate together, watched Sesame Street together, pretended to nap together.

Those who would have separated them (Da! and Mimi!) finally realized that these fast friends could never be truly parted, and eventually the foursome was allowed to roam freely and happily.

But though other friends may come and go, let it never be forgot, that the first and most loyal of all companions, mighty Lion (Rawr!), shall always been closest to His Nibs' heart.

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