26 September 2010

It's Family Time

This weekend we sojourned to Severn, Maryland, for Eamon's great-grandparents Meredith 70th wedding anniversary.

Here's what we learned:

1) Eamon will not nap more than 45 minutes in the car per trip.

2) Eamon will not nap at all in strange places where there is much to explore and discover.

3) Eamon may be "all boy" most of the time but is comfortable enough with his masculinity to have a tea-party with his Opa.

4) Eamon WILL NOT sit on my lap to eat lunch if he could instead sit at a Mickey Mouse table with other people his size and his Oma. Even then, he will not eat more than a few bites or sit longer than about 3 minutes because there are THINGS TO DO AND PLACES TO EXPLORE, PEOPLE.

5) Eamon's cousin Kala really does not like being splashed (Sorry, Kala).

6) Eamon will sit still to eat strawberries. I believe he ate approximately his body weight in strawberries, because by that point I was desperate that he just eat, period, and got him as many strawberries as I thought he could eat without getting sick.

7) I should always remember to wear make-up to these things because someone always insists on taking a Family Photo and I always end up looking like a very sleepy vampire who somehow manages to stay awake during the daytime:

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