25 April 2010

A Ticket to Ride

Last weekend, we decided on a whim to go to Busch Gardens. (We can do that, thanks to the wonderful Season Passes).

We already knew that Eamon was fine with large furry characters, so this time, we had another question: how would Eamon do on a ride?

We waited for awhile in line, and it turns out: Eamon does NOT enjoy waiting in line. He had no interest in standing in one place, but luckily the line wasn't that long so we only had to wait about 10 minutes.

Once we got onto the ride, Eamon was fine. No qualms whatsoever. Not a bit scared.

However, the kinds of ride that Eamon can ride, it turns out, they're...well, boring. After the first 20 seconds, Eamon was over sitting still. I'm smiling here but only because I knew that Aaron was pointing a camera at us, and I actually have quite the iron grip on the small child in my lap who was trying to dive out of the boat because it was sooooooo boooooring, mom. Excuse me, adrenalin junkie.

We then went to a little play area, where Eamon immediately ran to a big, fake tree stump. It was deserted because, well, it was boring. There was nothing to do on it.

Unless you were Eamon, and then it was the coolest thing ever. He stood in that tree stump for I don't know how long. He jumped. He jigged. He smiled and screeched and screamed when we tried to convince him to try, you know, some of the other things that you could actually PLAY ON.

We finally got him out of the tree stump when the Sesame Street live show came on. Eamon heard the music and was more than happy to be carried over to the show area.

All the other kids danced and clapped when they saw the large characters dancing on the top of the castle.

Eamon, however, was determined that he could find a way to get to the characters. He ran back and forth around that silly castle, because he KNEW that he could meet Elmo if he just kept trying. It don't know whether it says something about his perseverance or the fact that he just doesn't quite "get" dramatic performances yet.

I finally just picked him up and made him watch from the side, otherwise he was going to miss the entire performance in his determination. Zoe blew him a kiss (ooooo).

It was another good day.

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Julie said...

Wow that is a good looking kid! I will not even attempt to describe my jealousy towards the season Busch Garden passes.