08 April 2010

Grand Re-Opening

So here’s the deal with the long absence of the blog…

There was a war going on at home. I said that I was too busy to do the blog all the time, being that I work full-time, am taking two doctorate classes, and have a child; and so, as Aaron does all that but minus the doctorate classes, it was his turn to write the blog. For reasons I can’t really understand, he wouldn’t do it (and here I feel the need to point out that he was the one who set up the blog in the first place). So I decided to be stubborn, too, and that I wouldn’t keep writing until he contributed at least one entry…

Well, anyway, I guess he wins. I finally had enough time to think about it now, over Spring Break, and asked myself why I really do the blog. It’s not necessarily because I have this overbearing need to write and express myself, because even though I enjoy writing, I do that plenty through teaching and attending classes. I write a lot. And it’s not even really for everyone else, because that simply wouldn’t be enough of a motivator right now (to write these things usually means forgoing an hour of sleep at some point). BUT, this is sort of a log of Eamon, and I want him, one day, to be able to go back and read these, his own personal little history.

So. I’m declaring Aaron the official winner because I simply can’t tell my little guy years from now that the blog just sort of faded into nothingness because mommy and daddy were both too stubborn.

Therefore, the blog will return. Who really needs sleep anyway?

This is a picture of Eamon in Salem, Massachusetts. He was dressed as a witch (why not?) and was supposed to be putting a frog into a cauldron but instead tried to eat the frog (and kept signing "eat" the whole time). This picture has nothing to do with the blog itself, but I quite like it and am therefore putting it in.

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