10 September 2009

The Original King of Comedy...and Drama

Eamon has needs (formula, sleep, shelter, etc.) and he used to use his "voice" to express those needs. But now Eamon Wolfe also has wants (well, he thinks they are needs), and those wants include the TV remote, our cell phones, the camera, and anything else technological that he can destroy with his nefarious baby spit. And no longer does he just lunge for things he wants...if he can't have them, he can burst into tears in a matter of seconds. It's quite the act. And it is an act, since when we start laughing at him (as we always do), he usually stops crying and laughs along (his desperate want momentarily forgotten).

See how quickly he goes from happy to upset and back? I was trying to get a video of him doing a raspberry, but it was a moot point since all he wanted was the camera.

When he isn't fake crying because we are being mean and evil parents who don't think an 8 month old needs his own cell phone, Eamon loves to entertain. Despite his occasional fake crying, he's actually quite a happy little guy most of the time. Much of his day is spent in pursuit of finding funny things or making others laugh. There are some things that he finds absolutely hysterical: the popping noise that Aaron can make with his mouth, when Mommy fake sneezes, or when you "pretend" to throw the dog toy but don't actually throw it (Nesta does not find this nearly as funny).

But Eamon has learned that he can make others laugh, too. He's almost somewhat of a clown sometimes, and I pity his future teachers. The child has a vast repertoire of funny noises and sound effects: grunting, shrieking, fake coughing, fake sneezing, fake gagging, and recently, blowing raspberries. He loves to blow raspberries now. He blows them all the time (even while you are feeding him, which I hear gets very interesting--sorry, Mom).

So anyway, if you come to visit our little man, be prepared for both laughter and tears--and watch your cell phone.

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Angela said...

He looks so much like Aaron now- especially the top picture. He is so cute!!