17 September 2009

Do the Locomotion

It finally happened: this morning, I went in to Eamon's room to find him sitting up by himself. He was playing with his Baby Elmo (who sleeps with him in the crib) and looking altogether more like a kid than an infant (it doesn't help that he's the size of many of the little guys toddling around out there).

Moreover, Eamon finally got tired of dragging himself around in an army crawl. While he could move, and pretty quickly, he always sort of looked like he was rock climbing. No more. Yesterday, he finally figured out the complicated process of getting his butt in the air, pushing up with his arms, and moving his arms and legs in a motion that allowed him to move forward. From this position, he has also figured out that he can easily get himself back to a sit.

He has also been attempting to pull himself to a stand, though he isn't quite as ready for this. His balance is still really off, and he wobbles and teeters precipitously until he finally falls on his bottom. Nevertheless, it seems that once Eamon gets it in his head to do something, he keeps at it until he finally figures it out. So we'll see. I think the walking is still a long way's off given his pretty terrible balance so far, which is kind of good since we're right in the middle of packing and getting ready to move, and the last thing we need is a baby literally running around.

I bet you can guess what he's crawling towards before you even watch the video.


Angela said...

I guessed right!!
He is so. freakin. cute.

Kate said...

That child would probably learn to move mountains if there was a remote control involved.