20 July 2009

Eamon's Book Recommendations

Preface: Eamon loves books. He thinks they are yummy. Literally. Most story times are actually a wrestling match to see whether we will read or eat the book in question. But tonight, something different happened...

Have you read the FUNNIEST BOOK EVER?

It's a laugh-a-minute work of art called Pop! Went Another Balloon, by Keith Faulkner and Roger Tyger. In it, Toby starts with TEN BALLOONS to take to Tina for her birthday, but they keep (wait for it!): POPPING! Until there is only ONE balloon left! HAHAHAHAHA!

But there's more! There's action (swooping birds! popping balloons!), suspense (will yet ANOTHER balloon be popped? will any be LEFT?), and a romance on brink of destruction (can Tina still love Toby even though he keeps letting all these balloons be popped?). It is obviously a travesty that this book was never nominated for a Caldecott, or a Newberry, or even a Pulitizer.

I had no idea when I bought this book (years ago, for a class at William and Mary on teaching math to wee children) that I had taken home the MOST HILARIOUS BOOK KNOWN TO MAN. It has sat demurely on our bookshelves, its potential unknown, until last night when I pulled it out for Aaron to read to Eamon before bed.

If that video doesn't make you want to rush right out and buy your own copy, I don't know what will.


Joanna S said...

Ok...Last two posts = best baby blog ever. First Brian and I cracked up over the "crawling" action shot... and now the hyperventilating giggling? Priceless.

ptuscadero said...

I can imagine him slapping his little knee: "stop it! you're killin' me!!"