22 April 2009

To Make a Long Story Short

So, this started off as a REALLY long post about why Eamon has been weaned already onto formula, and then I realized: I was writing it more for me than for y’all. I’m really disappointed and a little heartbroken, but suffice it to say—on this super hypoallergenic formula (read: super expensive), his eczema has finally cleared up, his cradle cap is a lot better, and his eyes aren’t nearly as runny (this might sound familiar to those who read the Molloy blog). His tummy seems a lot better and his poops aren’t green and explosive anymore. He was weaned in approximately 10 minutes, in which we stuck a bottle in his mouth with formula, he fought it for a minute or two, and then decided that food was food. It’s not that I wasn’t willing to eliminate things from my diet, but I already have a ton of allergies, and even as bland as my diet was, he was still allergic to something. I figured that if I took too much more out of my diet, the milk wouldn’t have any nutritional value, anyway.


Anyway, here’s a bunch of cute pictures.

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Jujubee said...

Whatever your feeding him, that boy is GROWING! He looks so happy.