29 April 2009

So Much to Do

Once again, I am blogging with a baby in my lap because today we do.not.want.to.take.a.nap. He’s tired, and I’ve tried putting him down several times, but I’ve learned not to just let him scream because he just works himself up to the point where he definitely won’t sleep, and that’s not the goal here.

So, he’s on my lap, trying to smack the computer keys, because he is pretty sure that he could make the computer go if only Mommy would stop being obnoxious and let him run things for once.

Eamon, you see, is a Man of Action. On a day to day basis, he doesn’t have a lot of places to go (yet, but just wait until he finally figures out crawling and walking), nor a lot of people to see (Mommy and Daddy, check, Grandma and Grandpa check), but he does have Things to Do. Important Things that need Doing, and no one else is going to Do them, so it must be up to him. These things include: 1) playing with his toes; 2) chewing/drooling on everything in sight; and 3) making every possible sound with his vocal chords that he can.

Not only that, but just since last Thursday, he has started to Learn Things. I wonder if he didn’t make himself a resolution to learn something new everyday. I thought that was just a saying about babies, but Eamon seems to be taking it literally. On Friday we learned to use two hands at once to grab toys. On Saturday we learned to grab our toes. On Sunday we learned to almost turn over if Mommy just helps a little with the back leg, and on Monday we learned to get the toes into our mouth. By Tuesday, Eamon had learned to sit up unassisted for up to 5 seconds at a time (you have to place him just right, but still!). Today he increased it to 10 seconds and has been working on that rolling over thing a little bit more (my mother swears he almost did it today).

It’s as if he’s seen the Milestone and Development Chart and is boning up for his 4 month visit to the pediatrician next week. It's exciting, but sort of sad, too, because I don't want him to be in a hurry to grow up. I’m pretty sure that I’ll wake up tomorrow and find that he’s learned to crawl out of his crib is putting the finishing touches on his memoir The Infant's Guide to Increasing Development During the First Few Months (Tip #1: Toes are Tasty!)

And oh yeah, he’s learning to play the piano. Well, he thinks so.

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Jujubee said...

I need to see that kid before he learns to drive. It may be next week at this rate.