17 January 2009

Whose Baby Is It?

For reasons I've never been able to discern, as soon as a baby exits the womb, people always play the "Who Does the Baby Look Like?" game. I always thought this game was silly, because babies generally look like babies, and then I had a baby and found myself thinking, "My, my, that part looks like..."

So, after 3 weeks of study, here are the general conclusions about the various bits of the baby and whom they resemble:

Eyes: They're blue, so obviously they came from Aaron, not me. The eyes are also the same shape as Aaron's, and they have the same bags underneath them.

Mouth: Aaron's (I'm not exactly sure why, but that's what everyone says)

Ears: Aaron's. They look almost elven from a certain angle.

Feet: Aaron's. They are huge.

Nose: Jury is still out. It doesn't really look like either of our noses.

Head: Aaron's--not super-huge like mine was as a baby.

Hair: Could be either. He was born with a head of black hair, but so were both Aaron and myself. Aaron's all fell out and grew back in blond; mine stayed in and gradually turned blond. So it all just depends on what happens with the hair now. So far, he hasn't lost any, but we'll see.

Tongue: Mine! The frenulum (bit that connects the tongue to the bottom of the mouth) is just a tad too far forward, just like mine. This means that he will never be able to curl his tongue, either, just like mommy can't. The only thing I can really claim on this child, and it's his tongue. Sigh.

Anyway, it's obvious that he is his daddy's boy, through and through. Thank goodness that I gave birth to him so that I know that he's part mine, too. As for personality, I guess we'll have to wait a little while to see whether he's more like his daring, risk-taking father or his cautious, shy mother.

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