26 January 2009

Progress Report--4 Weeks In

1. Eamon is still very cute.

2. Eamon is still learning to spend more time sleeping through the night. He is still very awake from 1 AM- 5AM, though sometimes he varies the hours slightly for kicks. He generally finally falls over for about 3-4 hours at 5AM, which is nice for now since it lets me sleep, but will be more difficult once I go back to work and will have to be at school by 8 AM.

3. Eamon is vocalizing. A lot. The little guys has opinions and things to share. He has anecdotes and personal philosophies that need expounding. So far, most of his side of the conversation is along the lines of, "Eh, eh, eh..." but he looks at you when he does it, and will often wait for you to talk in response.

4. Eamon is a sleep-traveler. No one is quite sure how a fully-swaddled baby manages to make a 45 degree turn while sleeping. Needless to say, we had to take the bumper off his crib already because he keeps ending up in strange places when he sleeps.

5. Eamon is (we think) starting to social smile. It's a little early, but not unheard of. There are times when he's not gassy, or hungry, or anything really, just kind of happy, and when you talk to him, he stares at you and gives a smile back. Aaron says he even laughed a little the other day while he (Aaron) was talking and making funny faces. Just so you know that it's not just us biased parents who think this, both sets of grandparents have also confirmed our smile theory--and you know how objective grandparents are.

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