06 November 2008

Oooooo, dear...

Okay, it's not just tiredness. It's the stomach flu. Thank you, Aaron, for bringing this home yesterday.

Do you know what is very fun (or completely not, as the case may be)? It is "very fun" to have an upset tummy AND a baby kicking your stomach at the same time! It is many thrills!

I have left work early today so that I can lie around in nauseated pain. I am going to go do that now.


Susan said...

Sorry Kate, It is just poetic justice that you should suffer because I threw up every night for three months - October through December- while I was carrying your darling husband. Too bad he wasn't a female and got to have the pleasure. I agree throwing up while the baby is kicking is not fun. However,I will say the end product was well worth it. Mama Wolfe

Kate said...

I suppose it is rather fair...I slept a ton and bounced back pretty quickly, so that's good.