10 November 2008


Did you know that they can see the baby's hair on an ultrasound? Neither did I. But you can, and I did. It looks fuzzy, that's how it looks. Like this fuzzy stuff on one side of the baby's head.

And one side of the head was all that we could see, because kiddo is burrowed into my pelvis. The ultrasound technician nearly broke my pelvic bone (okay, that might be a slight exaggeration) trying to get the head measurements, because the child is hiding/trying to come out/digging for China/who the heck knows. I've been carrying this kid low the entire time, but apparently now we've reached a new level of low. Of course, the baby still tries to stick its little feetses up into my rib cage, because there just isn't enough room, mommy! I attempt to explain that there's nothing I can do about that, please get your feet off of my lungs, but you know how they are when they're this age...

Other interesting facts from the ultrasound:

--the baby currently weighs approximately 5 pounds, 6 oz.
--the baby is only 77% for size now!

Seventy-seventh percentile is something I can live with (when it comes to baby sizes, I mean). 77% is just over 8 pounds for newborns, and I feel like this is a very acceptable size, unlike what you get at the 94th percentile (we must have hit him in a growth-spurt during my last ultrasound). So, I am not having the Loch Ness monster for a baby anymore, nor even a moose, but just a...baby. A baby with beautiful hair, shining, gleaming, streaming, flaxen, waxen...hair. (Now the only question is: will the hair stay on like it did for kiddo's mommy, or fall out after birth like daddy's?)

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