15 May 2011

Scenes from a Sunday

7:16AM: Eamons's Room

I enter the room. Eamon, lounging against a pillow, gasps loudly and points at the 16" T-Rex that somehow moved into bed with him through the night.

"Oh no, Mommy, Sharp Tooth in bed!" he exclaims, putting his hand over his mouth.

"Eamon Wolfe, did you crawl out of bed and get your T-Rex?"

He raises his eyebrows in a "Who me?" expression before dissolving into fits of giggles.

8:45AM: Target

"Good morning!" Eamon shouts to the clerk working the fitting rooms as he walks along, holding my hand.

"Good morning!" she calls back.

He holds up a green plastic ball that we picked up near the front of the store. "Ball!" he yells to her. "Gween ball!"

"Is that your green ball?" she asks.

"Yes, all right. Go pay now. Okay?"

"He's so cute," she calls to me.

"Come on, Romeo," I mutter. This is the third Target employee we have stopped to talk to. We have been in the store 7 minutes.

9:17AM: The Car

"Eamon, when we go to see Grandpa and Nini, you can show your green ball to them but then you have to let Nini take it and put it away otherwise their dog Socky might get it. His teeth will put a hole in it and then it will be broken."

"Oh no!" cries Eamon. He had a similar purple ball that he himself broke and he took it rather hard. This green ball is a replacement.

I attempt to check for understanding. "Eamon, why do you have to give the ball to Nini? What will happen if Socky gets it?"

He thinks for a minute and responds, "Socky break. Oh no!" More thought, then: "Nini buy new ball. Okay."

Every time I think I am a step ahead, I realize that he is three more ahead of me.

11:08AM: Mommy and Daddy's Bedroom

It is Aaron's turn to sleep in, and Eamon has been asking about him all morning.

"Where Daddy?" he keeps repeating, with his palms face-up in the universal "where" sign.

"Asleep, Eamon. He's sleeping."

"Oh," nods Eamon sagely. "Wake up Daddy," he then says and begins climbing the stairs screaming, "DADDY! DADDY! WAKE UP! EAMON COMING!" At this point I lunge for him, attemping to hush the screaming child who cannot understand why his father prefers to sleep occasionally rather than play with him constantly.

But finally, just after 11:00, Eamon is allowed to wake Aaron. Which he does admirably, climbing on the bed and pounding on his father's chest while screaming, "Wake up! Wake up! Wake up!"

But when Aaron finally does sleepily raise his head, Eamon has already scuttled off the bed.

Having decided he is not getting enough attention from his prone father, Eamon has wandered over to the bedroom mirror. "Love you, Eamon," he says, then kisses the mirror. And kisses it. And kisses it.

The love-fest is only broken when I finally yell, "Come on, Narcissus!" and Aaron scoops up the boy to get him dressed for the day.

12:29PM: The Food Court

Aaron stares blankly ahead while chomping on a yummy, yummy taco.

Eamon grabs Aaron's arm and shakes. "Wake up, Daddy! Wake up!"

I attempt to hide a snort in my turkey sub.

4:45pm: The Fresh Market

We stand in line to buy our steaks for dinner. Eamon announces to the cashier, "Eamon pay!"

She giggles. "I don't mind," she says. "You can give him the money and I'll take it from him."

"Well, we're not using cash, " I explain.

"Oh well, just have him swipe the card, then."

All we want are our steaks, and yet somehow Eamon has orchestrated a situation where we look like cruel parents if we don't give our 2 year old a run-down on debit card basics. Aaron sighs and shows Eamon how to swipe the card.

Eamon beams, and before anyone can say anything, announces, "Yay! Good job, Eamon!"

The clerk laughs. "Oh, he's so cute!"

As I push the cart out to parking lot, I hear Eamon say matter-of-factly, "Yes, Eamon cute."

Luckily, there are no mirrors around for him to kiss.

7:08PM: The Backyard

Eamon is enchanted with "umbreddas." He wanted to use one out at the store, but we feared for the ankles of passersby and therefore promised him he could play with the "umbredda" all he wanted at home. He does not forget such promises.

It was a simple Sunday. We didn't go anywhere terribly special or do anything particularly out of the ordinary. And yet, it is the type of day that you never forget. Every day with you seems like the most memorable ever, and for that, we love you Eamon Wolfe.

(But you already knew that, didn't you?)

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