12 February 2011

An Ancient Art Form Reads This and Weeps a Little to Itself

Good morning. In an effort to up the artistic integrity of this blog, this morning I shall regale you with Saturday morning thoughts—the haiku version.

Please try to contain yourself.

Ahem. Here we go:

I want to tell you to
Stop but you are so cute when
You jump on the couch.

Why did you just take
Off my shoe? And why are you
Tickling my toes? Ack!

You cover your ears
When something is scary and
It just melts my heart.

My head is heavy
With so many facts jumbled
About dinosaurs.

Kiefer Sutherland—
The Great Longneck Migration?
Really? Really? Why?!

But I think you would
Enjoy it if you just tried?
Let’s watch
Glee now, please?

Okay, really, now.
Stop jumping on the couch. Stop
Before you—oops. Ouch.

There, there. You’re okay.
Would some toast and berries help?
Yum, yum. Love you, too.

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