08 June 2010


One magical morning, Eamon crawled into his mystical Laundry Basket of Teleportation, threw out the carefully folded underwear and socks in just the right combination, and ended up at...

The Virginia Living Museum!

The Living Museum has lots of things that live in Virginia!

Our Intrepid Explorer put on his Exploring Hat, and along with his faithful companion Elmo and a sherpa guide named "Dahdee," braved the outdoors.

He saw things like "Flowers" (That is so the sign for flower. Sort of. What do you want? Our Intrepid Explorer is only 1 and a half.)

Other sights were awe-inspiring. Like this sign.

And the fences! Oh, the fences! You would have to see them to believe them!

There was digging galore! Our Intrepid Explorer will do doubt be world-renowned for this great discovery of fake plastic dinosaur bones.
Also discovered were shiny hot things that beamed light! (and big roaring things in the background, but they weren't very interesting).
Here our Intrepid Explorer pretends to be interested in the giant, roaring model dinosaur, but that is only a diversion so that he can once again sneak up on those beaming things he has started to call "lights."

What an exciting adventure! Who knows where the mystical Laundry Basket of Teleportation will take us next?

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