08 October 2009

Slow Down Already

Hey, remember this little guy?

Haven't seen him around much lately.

Nowadays, we have this handsome devil living with us.

He's the kind of guy who would tell a joke if he could talk, but instead settles for fake sneezing or coughing to get you to laugh with him.

And he can crawl. Fast. And is into everything. EVERYTHING.

He even claps for himself when he does something he thinks is clap-worthy. Don't worry, he'll clap for you, too, when you do something clap-worthy, like, you know, entering a room. He learned to clap on the day that we moved, and also to high-five (which must always be followed by a clap).

And then sometimes he just sits there, looking entirely too old, considering he was only born about 9 months old.

So, anyway, we don't see this guy around anymore.

But then, this guy is pretty neat, too.

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