20 August 2009

Family Time

I've always loved writing (a fact which Aaron exploited mercilessly when he started this blog, knowing full well that I would do most of the writing and he would have to do very little), so it's not often that I simply post a bunch of pictures. That being said, this past Saturday and Sunday we went to visit Aaron's family up in the Maryland/Delaware area, and took a ton of pictures. Therefore, I'll use most of the time I would normally spend writing uploading pictures.

Eamon and Daddy at swim lessons Saturday morning.

Eamon loves the water.

He's learned that he can kick his feet and make himself move (even though he still hasn't mastered mobility on land in the slightest).

He's comfortable in just about any position, and thinks it's all great fun.

But then again, maybe he just loves spending time with his super-fun Daddy.

Of course, his Aunt Meredith (Aaron's sister) is pretty cool, too.

She's even brave enough to hold two babies at a time! (on the left is her her son, Lucas, aged 10 1/2 months--exactly 3 months older than Eamon).

Eamon LOVES his cousin Lucas as well.

In fact, he kept kissing and kissing Lucas (which can be kind of sloppy, since Eamon learned to kiss from Nesta, our dog).

Even when poor Lucas really didn't want to be kissed (sorry, Lucas!)

He also got to spend some time with his cousin, Ellie (aged 3). He didn't kiss her as much, since she spent most of the time running around and playing.

We tried to take some nice pictures of the boys on Sunday, but it turns out it's really hard to get two infants to look at you and smile at the same time. This was the best one I got.

For the grand finale, we took a picture of Eamon with his Opa, Oma, and cousin Ellie and Lucas just before we had to get back on the road.

And when we got home, Eamon was an only child once more, with only his bowls and spoons to play with...
...how long until Thanksgiving?


Julie said...

That looked like a FUN weekend! I kept laughing at the thought of Eamon sharing his Nesta-learned kissing skills with those around him.

Angela said...

Eamon is so big! He looks like he could be a year old already- so cute!!!